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Outstanding Person of the Year

Evaluation and Criteria for the Outstanding Individual Award..

Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Year

The China-US Business Summit Annual Outstanding Entrepreneur..

Harvard Training

On the morning of April 21, the China-US Business Summit kic..

2016 Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Festival

Together with Hanhai Holdings and DingDing TV, the China-US ..

Top Universities Tour

Columbia University On the sunny morning of April 20th, t..

Cocktail Party

Los Angeles Cocktail partyThe cocktail reception of the 2016..

Hollywood Meeting Room

This year’s Summit witnessed a very full Hollywood Meeting R..


Building a platform for communication and cooperation between small and medium-sized enterprises in China and the USA.Integrating resources ..

A Word from the Chairman

Chairman, Mr. Steven ShenTo the 2015 China-US Business SummitIn the 1980s, the most popular idea all over China was "going into business". P..

Organization Structure

OrganizersChina-US Business Summit Organizing CommitteeCo-organizersGlobal Brand Evaluation Center United States Pacific ChamberInternation..

A world-famous media company has an inclination to extend new distribution channels in China

Hubert Burda Media Inc. has the requirement of extendingtheir high-end resources networks and other related request, set..

The United States education institutions seeking cooperation

We welcome very much interested, caring and wealthy parents with motivated children of ages 10 to 30+, in the US and in ..

A media company is looking for a technical cooperation opportunity

A media company in Beijing is looking for a technical cooperation opportunity on transferring 2D videos to 3D videos wit..

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